Nothing Is Without Future

A series of lyric poems tell a love story – actually two love stories – about a young man who is torn between two women. The first, an alluring brunette, offers an easy-going romance that has no future. The other, a woman with malachite green eyes, puts him through an emotional wringer, but holds out the possibility of a lasting relationship. In the process, the young man experiences love in all its aspects, from passion to melancholy, ecstasy to anguish, and ultimately serenity. Full of striking and sensual images, Piero Rivolta’s poetry reflects his appreciation for beauty wherever he finds it – in women, falling snow, sunsets, Mediterranean cities and the sea.
Nothing Is Without Future may not be as dark and erotic as “Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Love” by Pablo Neruda. Nor is it as bitingly satirical as the love poems of Catullus, the Roman poet. Yet Rivolta’s evocative lines reveal as complex and layered an understanding of the emotions that roil the heart of all romantic lovers. With the original Italian poems alongside the English translations, readers have the opportunity to experience the lyrics in both languages.



Praise for Nothing Is Without Future

Nothing Is Without Future holds the distinction of having been named an Indie Book Award Finalist. It was also honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the "General Poetry" category of the 2010 International Book Awards and received a Silver Medal for Poetry at the FPA President's Book Awards.